Outlook on AI and medical writing

We are glad to present our outlook on ‘AI and medical writing’ that gives an overall perspective on the technological advancements in the medical writing industry.

Medical writing is expected to be a $5B+ market with a ~10% CAGR in the next 5 years. However, the industry faces the challenge of high attrition rates and lack of resources. Inefficiencies are further fueled by limited use of automation to reuse content between different regulatory documents and publications as well as limited automation of QC, formatting, redaction and other processes.

AI and Natural language processing have shown an initial promise to improve efficiencies. Early PoC studies are now yielding successful results showcasing up to 80%-time savings on clinical report generation. While only a few medical writing companies have taken the initiative to build internal automation solutions, others are partnering with start-ups developing AI-based platform technologies.

However, there are only limited out-of-the-box solutions. Hence, it is prudent to identify/build the right platforms that can address the specific challenges that you are facing.

MP Group, with its deep roots in the medical writing industry and robust understanding of upcoming technologies, can help catalyze your journey towards technology adoption.

Here you can download outlook on AI and medical writings

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