BioSpectrum Article – Face-lifting biopharma industry image

Covid-19 pandemic gives an opportunity for the BioPharma industry to transform its image. Can the initiatives and learnings from Covid-19 be applied to other critical therapy areas?  Can the time and cost of development be significantly reduced such that the pharma companies can launch the products at affordable prices to ensure that every patient gets access to the medicines? Emerging markets are gaining more importance than ever, led by China, considering the scales of volumes they offer. With time and…

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5 pitfalls AI healthcare start-ups need to avoid

Artificial intelligence (AI) has now moved beyond its initial hype towards becoming a key part of the pharma industry – with many companies looking to partner with AI drug discovery start-ups. Pharma and healthcare are data-rich industries and AI helps by turning data into actionable insights, allowing us to solve complex, intricate problems. Using machine learning, AI algorithms can generate patterns that will enable us to predict toxicity, find potential combination treatments, identify and predict new drugs and expand usage…

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