MP Outlook – 2021 and Beyond

At the threshold of this New Year, we are pleased to share the ‘MP Outlook – 2021 and Beyond’ (link to the presentation) where we present our analyses on some of the high-impact areas potentially reshaping BioPharma industry, especially from the learnings due to the pandemic. Some of the key highlights of the presentation are –  

  • BioPharma can no longer afford to spend a decade and a billion dollar in getting a drug to the market. Integration of AI-based platform will have a significant impact in driving the cost and time productivity of drug discovery and development in the coming year and decade
  • Biosimilars, Biobetters and the allied biologics formulation technology will play a significant role in ensuring broader outreach, enhancing patient compliance, reducing the overall healthcare cost, not to mention, offer competitive advantages and market differentiation
  • With BioPharma riding the wave of innovation, the Next Generation CROs will be the ones adopting differentiated technologies to cater to the industry’s evolving needs
  • Specialty areas such as ophthalmology, rare diseases, etc. will gain traction among the investors as well as BioPharma community – Several therapy areas such as Diabetic Macular Edema, Glaucoma, etc. are likely to witness a shift in treatment paradigm in the coming years
  • As a result of a single point (China) source of raw materials, the industry witnessed a complete disruption in the supply chain. As the industry deliberates a de-risking strategy, especially for the API and chemical intermediates, can India, with its solid foundation in the API space, take advantage of this situation? Most certainly!   

Please download the ‘Outlook – 2021 and Beyond’ here.   

While MP Group is involved in several of the above initiatives and beyond, your feedback would enhance our contributions in the year ahead! 

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