MP Group – A Global Outlook of HEOR (Health Economics and Outcomes Research) Services

We are glad to share our global outlook on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) services.

The field of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) has undergone a significant transformation, shifting from a supportive role to a prominent position in the launch of drug products in the past decade. With the rising research and development costs, innovative therapeutic approaches and government initiative to curtail healthcare expenditures, we anticipate a persistent rise in the demand for HEOR services to demonstrate the therapeutic and economic value of the drug and justify the pricing.

The limited availability of internal resources has necessitated biopharmaceutical companies to depend on external service providers, leading to the emergence of numerous boutique and specialized HEOR services companies in the US, EU, and Asia over the past decade. This trend has attracted significant attention from large CROs, who are keen on expanding their presence in the HEOR field primarily through mergers and acquisitions. Apart from traditional HEOR services companies, several technology platforms that facilitate different aspects of HEOR services are also gaining significant traction. As a result, there has been a notable surge in mergers, acquisitions, and investments across all facets of HEOR services in recent years.

Your solid foundation in the various facets of HEOR and market access enables to you explore potential strategic opportunities that can strengthen the depth and breadth of your offerings. A well-considered investment in strategic areas of the HEOR space that align with your vision has the potential to provide a pathway for long-term growth.

MP Group with >30 years of global biopharma experience and a thorough understanding of the HEOR landscape can help in identifying such prudent opportunities that align with your business objectives.

Let us schedule an introductory call to discuss this in greater detail in the coming days. We look forward to your feedback and to our conversation.

Download the global outlook on Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) services.

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