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MP Advisors, an affiliate of Mehta Partners, LLC, and together known as MP Group, is a global bio pharmaceutical consulting firm with nearly 3 decades of experience. We pride ourselves as being truly global, having advised top global pharma companies from Japan, US, Europe, and India.

The reputation of MP Group rests on a body of work that began in 1980s with the aim of “maintaining a birds-eye view of the pharma, biotech and healthcare industry worldwide.”

Viren Mehta, founder and managing partner of Mehta Partners, formulated this objective and emphasized that the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical segments are ultimately indistinguishable parts of the BioPharma industry; and that BioPharma is a truly global industry that is best understood when viewed from a worldwide perspective. These principles and values were further extended to build the foundation of MP Advisors.

Now these beliefs are de rigueur within the pharmaceutical and investment communities, but back then Mehta Partners was among the very few trotting the globe to discover opportunities-no matter where they resided.

The complex science and the ever-changing nature of the biopharma industry often results in challenging situations for companies when it comes to making significant business decisions. It requires the right mix of knowledge, experience, and network. This is where we step in.

We are a small yet nimble strategic and investment advisory firm. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with biotech, pharmaceutical, and investment backgrounds with impeccable records of accomplishment. The deals we have been part of echo our unique ability to identify early opportunities in various pharma and biotech modalities.

Our services span from business development, product partnering, M&As, fund raising, and regulatory approvals to advising clients on feasibility studies, manufacturing, drug development, formulation, and pipeline analysis.

We also offer research into industry developments and on therapeutic classes. Having worked with firms of various sizes across the globe, our coverage includes the US, EU, Japan, India, and the rest of the world. Most of our contribution has been in BioPharmaceutical, Healthcare IT, and Nutritional and Herbals segments. We have created proprietary databases with expert opinions and insights on the global biotech and pharma landscape, enabling more efficient and informed decision-making.

Our aim is to help clients find global growth opportunities using the most innovative approach, and we have been at it for nearly three decades, having steered several landmark deals in the industry.

Our extensive global experience, robust network, and expertise in the science and business of biopharma make us a trusted partner for leading global pharma and biotech companies. We are constantly striving to better help our clients in their mission of revolutionizing healthcare and making it patient-centric.

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