Takeda, Challenges Ahead for its New European Presiden

Post Nycomed and Millenium acquisition, the new leadership of non-Japanese CEO/President Mr. Weber will transform Takeda in a truly global Japanese company in the coming years. It is however important to see how he fulfills the Japanese expectation from these acquisitions and fills the gap for Takeda due to the recent failure of its key late stage pipeline candidates (TAK-875, TAK-700 in chemo experienced Prostate Cancer).

From its remaining late stage pipeline candidates (Table 2) Vedolizumab, Contrave (Naltoxone + buproprion, obesity) and MLN-9708 (Ph III, Ixazomib, Multiple Myeloma) are important to drive its growth. Of the recent small to mid-sized consolidation activities in 2013 (Table 1), deals done with Natrogen (New-York, Natura alpha, IBD), Resolve therapeutics, and Inviragen demonstrate Takeda’s focused approach for selective therapy areas (GI Speciality, Autoimmune, Vaccines), while its deal with Arbor for out licensing EDARBI US rights reveals its decreasing focus on primary care therapy area for global market.Vortioxetine (Brintellix) – US launch for MDD Likely in Early 2014 – Competitive Enough Against Genericized MDD Market, Edivoxetine failure a moderate Positive- while development of Brexpiprazole looks a close competitor!… Vedolizumab (MLN0002, UR, US/EU, vedolizumab, α4β7 integrin inhibitor, Ulcerative colitis / Crohn’s disease) and MLN-9708 (PhIII, Multiple Myeloma) are the most promising late stage two key candidates: Vedolizumab approval in 2014 in UC/CD by mid 2014 is key to watch out for-MLN-9708/Velcade- Our View on Takeda’s Multiple Myeloma franchise-TAK-700 – Unable to demonstrate OS benefit in chemo experienced patients- What to expect in chemo naïve pool and in earlier setting?- This 30 page detailed report on Takeda pharmaceuticals provide insightful analysis on its recent M & A activities and potential of late stage pipeline candidates based on their global competitive landscape

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