Next Generation CROs – Differentiated technologies today that will pay-off tomorrow

Historically, CROs have grown by building the scales for the services that pharma cos and biotechs wanted to outsource due to a number of reasons, from reducing the overheads, to cost-effective operations, to downsizing the headcount for effective management, etc. As a result, operational efficiency, large scales and past experiences have been the key value propositions, with relatively lesser focus on differentiated offerings, of course with a few exceptions. However, with BioPharma now riding on a wave of innovative technologies,…

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Biopharma Insight Article: The AI Productivity Game in Pharma

The pharmaceutical business is one of the riskiest industries to venture into. Drug discovery is an artisanal process where a carefully designed drug takes about 10 years and approximately 2.5 billion dollars to be approved and launched into the market. The complexity of biological systems places the odds at a ridiculous failure rate of 90%. In recent years, the declining efficiency of the R&D efforts has put the pharma industry on its toes.  In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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