Large Cap Pharma US & EU Outlook 2016: Maximizing Their Strength on Fewer Therapy Class, Personalized Medicine, Novel Target and Biosimilars For Future Growth

Major pharma companies continue to improve the productivity by taking different approaches like focusing on selected therapy area and markets, merger and acquisition, divestment of non-core brands/segments and consolidation in animal health, vaccines and consumer health care business. Oncology segment has been the key areas of interest for large-cap Pharma companies in 2014/2015. The field of immuno-oncology is currently one of the most explosive fields in biotechnology. Bristol-Myers’s with more concentrated effort in Immuno-Oncology has gained the lead with its…

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India Pharma Outlook 2016: Milestones to Watch – Growth from Exports and Domestic Getting Better, Implementation of Policies under “Make-in-India”, Overture of A New Ministry

2016 will be a crucial for drug makers and consumers. During ‘Make-in-India’ week in Mumbai, Govt. highlighted many amendments or introduction of new policies with an aim to make India as a major hub for end to end drug discovery. To boost drug discovery, to promote manufacturing of certain drugs against life threatening diseases like AIDS, and to reduce our dependence on China, the Govt. has promised to offer many incentives (exemption from excise duty or tax) and also plans…

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JP Giants leaning in for becoming a Speciality Global Pharma Sakigake designation – A Push from government to “Innovate”! “Essential drugs” exemption from Z2 rule- Balancing long listed pricing pressure! Authorized Generics, Biosimilars, and Patent Litigations – Avenues to grow in JP Generic market!

In this report- we analyzed therapy focus, changing Strategies, pipeline and key growth drivers of 12 major Japanese biopharma companies (Pure play innovators/ Innovators+ Generics/Pure play generics) and detailed our view on their strategic action to withstand in domestic market and expand globally with their interest for inlicensing external innovation from the globe for increasing R&D productivity and priorities on M & A side. Japan Pharma Outlook 2016: JP Giants leaning in for becoming a Speciality Global Pharma Sakigake designation…

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