Next Decade Generic String Of Pearls Opportunities: Sustainability Assessment With Respect To Therapeutic Positioning

The rapid growth of the generic industry has come with a number of challenges, such as heavy competition, including from authorized generics and government-mandated price cuts. All contribute to diminishing prices and ever decreasing margins. In this era of increased pharmaceutical industry competition, success for generic drug companies is dependent on their ability to manufacture therapeutic-equivalent drug products in an economical and timely manner, while also being cognizant of patent infringement and other legal and regulatory concerns. Diversification of product…

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Mehta Analysis: Race To Harness Data Will Revolutionize PBM Systems

Google's Waymo self-driving car project just passed an important milestone, with the arrival of its fully autonomous modified Chrysler vans on the streets of Chandler, Arizona. Uber, GM and others will not be far behind. Society soon will need far fewer roads, parking garages, and of course cars—while hopefully the quality of our lives will see another step-change as it did with the smart phone revolution. And it is all about data and the resulting intelligence. Healthcare systems globally are…

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Mehta Analysis: The Tangled Web of PBMs

Many of my friends in the pharma world feel that the evolution of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in the US has led to their operations and impact becoming increasingly mysterious. While we understand in broad strokes the role they play, their business model has broadened to the extent it has become fuzzy—as if by design. We all harbor general skepticism towards middlemen, and question what actual value they add to the healthcare system. When it comes to PBMs, views on…

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