MP Advisors/Mehta Partners: Global Biosimilars Outlook -2019 & Beyond

It is our pleasure to share with you the first issue of the Biosimilars series from the MP Group. The series starts with macro perspective of the global biosimilars landscape and subsequent in-depth analyses of biosimilars outlook in various geographies, which includes market dynamics, evolving regulatory and policy landscape, product pipelines, competitive analysis, etc.

Biosimilars are emerging as one of the most important sectors in
the healthcare industry to curb increasing healthcare costs, primarily
associated with biologics. With 15+ biologics losing patent by 2020, $200B market
of biologics sales will face biosimilar competition, which should amount to at
least $40B opportunity in biosimilars in the near future.

Developed markets like EU has matured over the past decade and
become a major contributor to the biosimilars uptake globally. However, unclear
regulatory and payor landscape in the US and Japan has led to slower uptake of
biosimilars than expected, although the landscape is evolving rapidly. The
regulators in emerging markets have also taken significant steps toward
establishing a larger biosimilar market. A clear regulatory path to lower
registration costs, the scale of volumes helping to reduce manufacturing costs,
substitutability guidelines on the horizon, and the increasing role of payor
groups—all add up to allowing biosimilars to offer higher discount and global
expansion of use, presenting an opportunity in developed as well as emerging

As early wave biosimilars witness intense competition, it is
timely to consider next set of opportunities. For broader portfolio selection,
development cost, therapeutic area strategy, and commercialization
infrastructure needs will be critical aspects to consider.
Partnerships/Collaborations have been the key driver for a company’s success in
biosimilars space. Many pharma companies have recognized the changing
environment in the biosimilars market and shifted their focus on creating
business models to position themselves in the market that is witnessing growing

Our active work has enabled us to develop an in-depth
understanding of the biosimilar opportunity, and many of our
forecasts of the past decade are now being realized. Some of the global pharma
companies have committed to this space for the longer term, and are building
the necessary infrastructure, and are well placed to take advantage of this
growth trajectory. You too would be exploring innovation and biosimilar
opportunities. We would be delighted to share our
insights to help you advance your strategy, and look forward to your

download first issue of the Biosimilars series. We would
appreciate any queries/comments from your side. 

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