MP Advisors/Mehta Partners: Indian BioPharma Landscape – 2018

It is our pleasure to
share with you our recent update on India’s
BioPharmaceutical Landscape
. We have developed this
evolving framework that has helped us assess various pharma markets and
companies regardless of geography—an integrated perspective to help identify
value drivers and global growth opportunities. 

Indian companies
have predominantly thrived on globalizing their generic formulations business
with a primary focus on the US market.  However, increasing pricing
pressure as a result of consolidation among payer groups and PBMs (Pharma
Benefit Managers), and intensifying competition call for different growth
strategies to build on their generics foundation, Innovation and
Biosimilars to name a few.  As you know, the MP Group has successfully
monitored these growth avenues and identified attractive opportunities. The
current presentation gives an overview of the Indian Pharma Industry, which
will be followed by deep dive of the some of the high impact areas in the
coming months.

You too would be
exploring both innovation and biosimilar opportunities and we would be
delighted to share our insights to help you advance your strategy, and look
forward to your feedback.

Please download MPGroup
– Indian BioPharma Landscape – 2018
. We would
appreciate any queries/comments from your side. 

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