MP Group: Outlook on the mRNA Bio-CDMOs – A key catalyst for the evolution of mRNA therapeutics

It is our pleasure to share with you our outlook on the ‘mRNA Bio-CDMOs – A key catalyst for the evolution of mRNA therapeutics.’

mRNA therapeutics played a pivotal role in the pandemic management thereby generating unparalleled interests (and investments) across the biopharma as well as investor groups. mRNA Covid-19 vaccines have paved the pathway for regulatory approvals. As a result, the clinical pipeline of mRNA therapeutics has expanded several fold across wide range of indications beyond infectious disease such as oncology, CVS, rare diseases, etc.

However, the infancy of this space poses several developmental challenges from raw material to process development, to manufacturing, etc. Bio-CDMOs have been playing a pivotal role in addressing the developmental challenges and attempting to build a seamless mRNA development and manufacturing infrastructure. A range of strategic initiatives over the last 2-3 years including investments in partnering and acquisitions to enhance their technical expertise demonstrates Bio-CDMO’s commitment to the mRNA space.

The presentation provides a global outlook on the mRNA bio-CDMOs, some of their strategic initiatives and the key focus areas going forward across the mRNA development and manufacturing value chain. You can download the presentation here.

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