MP Outlook – 2021 and Beyond

At the threshold of this New Year, we are pleased to share the ‘MP Outlook – 2021 and Beyond’ (link to the presentation) where we present our analyses on some of the high-impact areas potentially reshaping BioPharma industry, especially from the learnings due to the pandemic. Some of the key highlights of the presentation are –   BioPharma can no longer afford to spend a decade and a billion dollar in getting a drug to the market. Integration of AI-based platform…

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Outlook of Diabetic Macular Edema – Current Landscape and the Way Forward

LONG-LASTING VEGF BLOCKERS, COMPOUNDS WITH VEGF- INDEPENDENT MECHANISM AND, TOPICAL AND ORAL TREATMENT OPTIONS, BRING THE QUEST FOR THE “IDEAL RETINAL DRUG” A STEP NEARER Multifactorial nature of DME led a definite role of steroids in the current treatment paradigm; development of new route of administration of steroids to enhance clinical efficacy with better safety underway The late stage pipeline comprises of long-lasting VEGF blockers and compounds with VEGF-independent mechanisms such asTie-2/Angiopoietin pathway modulators and integrin inhibitorsNon-invasive therapies, prophylactic alternatives…

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