MP Group: Outlook on the CROs for the new-age Biopharma

It is our pleasure to share with you our outlook on the ‘CROs for the new-age Biopharma’.

The drug development landscape is rapidly shifting towards complex targets and new drug modalities, with growth in cell & gene therapy and ADC pipeline now outpacing traditional small molecule drug candidates. As a result, the Biopharma cos are seeking CROs that can become an extension of their scientific think-tank, providing intellectual inputs and cutting edge research insights.

It will be critical for CROs to adopt a strategy anchored around novel technologies and differentiated offerings not just to cater to the Biopharma’s evolving needs but also to create a differentiation among the peers. Some of the key areas include advanced disease models, bioanalytical/bioassay development for novel modalities, development and manufacturing capabilities for ‘difficult to develop therapies’, etc.

Some of the key players in this space are already building such capabilities to fill any gaps in the offerings for advanced therapies, strengthening therapeutics area focus and adding differentiated advanced technologies to their portfolio. A multi-pronged approach with a strategic combination of partnerships, license to advanced technologies and M&A should be adopted to be at the forefront of innovation and build for long term success.

The presentation on ‘CROs for the new-age Biopharma’ outlines some of the key factors that are catalyzing the transformation of the CRO space. You can download the presentation here.


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