MP Group – Overview of Biobetters: IV to SC formulation conversion for patient compliance, healthcare savings, and market differentiation

The key highlights of the presentation

  • Biobetters are an improved version of a biologic and provide better efficacy, safety and patient compliance while reducing the overall burden on healthcare
  • Potential opportunity for Biosimilars company for marketplace differentiation and evasion of patent dance, and for Innovators to extend product lifecycle and delay biosimilars threat
  • Intravenous (IV) to subcutaneous (SC) conversion is one of the most prudent strategies to address the unmet need of patient compliance while reducing the overall healthcare costs
  • The current clinical development landscape of biobetters looks similar to early approved biosimilars with reservations in indication expansion – The landscape is likely to evolve favoring biobetters
  • A two-pronged approach can be considered ­for biobetters strategy –
    • Formulation Technology Selection – A patented, safe, widely applicable and cost-effective technology can expedite the clinical development – BRL’s HiC platform is one such technology.
    • Molecule selection – Detailed assessment of several parameters such as disease type, dose, frequency of administration, current revenue of the innovator, competitive landscape, etc. is needed to select the right molecules for biobetters development

Please download the Introduction to Biobetters.

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