MP Group – Global Biosimilars Outlook, 2019

Year 2019 has been a pivotal year
for biosimilars and it is our pleasure to share with you the Global Biosimilars Outlook, 2019whichcovers
in-depth analyses of biosimilars landscape across major geographies
(EU, US, Japan, China and India) and presents ideas on how to move ahead in
order to achieve global leadership in what we believe will be $40B
market by 2025.

EU Biosimilar Landscape: The
most evolved market currently at a tipping point

  • A matured biosimilar market,
    although with heterogeneous penetration across the member states
  • Better prescriber
    incentives and multiple winning tenders will not only expand the penetration
    but accommodate multiple competitors   

US Biosimilar Landscape: A
multi-billion dollar industry in making

  • Market acceptance will take longer to unfold due to a range of inefficiencies embedded in the ‘capitalism as practiced by the regulated industry’ structure
  • The tide is about to turn in favor of biosimilars as politicians, regulators, payors & patients alike address the barriers –
    • Streamline regulatory requirements to reduce the overall cost of  development
    • Substitutability is  on the horizon; the recent agreement between Amgen  and United Health for two biosimilars has already opened the back  channels for substitution.

Japan Biosimilar Landscape: A unique yet lucrative market

  • Historically sluggish
    market that has gain momentum in the recent years
  • Strong government
    initiatives favoring biosimilars to result in exponential increase in
  • Partnership with
    local Japanese cos will be key to gain market share

China and India Biosimilar Landscape: Complementary strengths, if combined, can create global leadership

  • While Indian companies bring broader portfolio, western regulatory experience and marketing front end and emerging market experience, China has the access to capital, technical skill sets and marketing experience for China market
  • Collaboration between a top tier Indian and Chinese co, leveraging complementary skill sets has the potential to attain global leadership in biosimilars space, determining the real success

  Path Forward 

  • Consolidation is inevitable; trade-off resources through partnering to avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Development strategy addressing the needs of regulators across the key geographies
  • A broad portfolio will be key to gaining market leadership
  • Presence in emerging markets would be of equal importance, if not more, than developed markets

  Please download Global Biosimilars Outlook, 2019

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