Regenerative Medicine and Stem cell based Cell therapies-Drugs of the Future Offering Hope for Cure

Innovative Therapies for treating diseases are being sought after with fresh vigor as new targets, approaches and biology is discovered. Improved health care, nutrition and preventive medicine in the last few decades have all helped in increasing the life expectancy WW. However, this has not translated into any reduction in the incidence or prevalence of chronic or critical illnesses! On the contrary the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, arthritis etc. as well as cancer and the maladies associated with aging (dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.) are on the rise!. Consequently the pharma industry continues to grow and is projected to achieve sales in excess of trillion dollar mark by 2020 By the next decade, one field which is poised to bring a paradigm change in the way diseases are treated is the Stem cell therapy/Regenerative Medicine space.

The number of companies and products in the clinic have reached a critical mass warranting a close watch for those interested in keeping pace with the development of new medicines.

The report describes the key growth drivers and reasons for why this sector is poised for the “golden dawn” and forecasts that in the coming years the translation of stem cell research to the clinic and market and Stem Cell Technologies Will Begin to Break Through by 2017.

The therapy class report highlights the future potential of this stream of medicine and the radical way diseases could be treated in the next few decades. This new stream of medicine is driven by landmark scientific discoveries and research (Nobel prize in 2012).

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