MP Group: Outlook on ‘Promise of Digital Health-2022’

We are glad to present our outlook on ‘Promise of Digital Health-2022’. The presentation outlines the potential of digital health in transforming healthcare delivery and associated opportunities for the biopharma industry.

Digital health solutions are increasingly demonstrating its value towards a number of facets of healthcare delivery – from patient-centric apps for personalised content, guidance and medication adherence, sensors/wearables for real time monitoring, and remote access to health systems like teleconsultations, all of which aimed towards improved healthcare outcomes.

Beyond improved patient outcomes, digital health provides benefits all the key stakeholders involved; reduced cost burden on payors through better disease management better, better patient management and care delivery for healthcare providers, and especially for biopharma, new modalities of care, better compliance and brand loyalty, patient engagement and a wealth of data through real world evidence.

Since 2018, investors, including corporate VCs have invested over $7 Billion in the digital health space, along with over 100 M&As observed in the last few quarters. The digital health space is at a tipping point as several companies starting to mature with market roll outs, regulatory approvals and partnerships with biopharma.

It is prudent for the broader biopharma industry to build a strategy anchored around digital health albeit with careful considerations such as understand the therapy area specific macro landscape the right fit of the technology, define the responsibilities like go-to-market, insights generation, legal manufacturing etc. right at the outset.

We, at MP, would be delighted to share our insights to help you advance your strategies and catalyze your initiatives in this space.

Please click on link to download outlook on Promise of Digital Health-2022.

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