Next Generation CROs – Differentiated technologies today that will pay-off tomorrow

Historically, CROs have grown by building the scales for the services that pharma cos and biotechs wanted to outsource due to a number of reasons, from reducing the overheads, to cost-effective operations, to downsizing the headcount for effective management, etc. As a result, operational efficiency, large scales and past experiences have been the key value propositions, with relatively lesser focus on differentiated offerings, of course with a few exceptions.

However, with BioPharma now riding on a wave of innovative technologies, from AI-driven discovery to real-world evidence platforms, from protein therapeutics to RNA modalities, from gene therapy to cell therapy, from precision medicine to companion diagnostics, etc., the CROs must adapt their strategy to address Biopharma’s evolving needs in the coming years.

As we usher in a new decade, this is a fine moment for the CROs to anticipate biopharma’s requirements and adopt strategy anchored around differentiated technologies, and start building for the future. 

We have attempted to outline such a strategy using 3 distinct:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery
  • Biologics Drug Development – High Concentration Protein Formulation Technologies
  • Microphysiological Systems and 3D-Bioprinted Biological Systems

Strategic partnerships with early stage biotechs with promising technologies will potentially create a mutually benefiting relationship, wherein CROs will benefit from offering cutting edge technologies to their clients whereas biotechs will benefit from a broader client exposure within CRO’s network.

Our in-depth understanding of differentiated technologies uniquely positions us to identify and evaluate prudent strategic partnership/investment opportunities. We will be delighted to set up a skunk-work  project with your team to identify potential areas of interest (beyond the technologies mentioned above as well) and set the foundation for your future strategy.

Please download our Next Generation CROs – Differentiated Technologies Today That Will Pay-Off Tomorrow.

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