Mehta Analysis: The Promise Of 2021

Executive Summary Next year promises a wide range of opportunities for biopharma, triggered by an all-in commitment by every company with something to combat – COVID-19. Between January and early April 2020, over 80 COVID-19-focused programs entered the clinic, seven of which are vaccines. Such advances would normally take 5-10 times longer. Here we focus on two exciting and complementary opportunities. The first is the chance to help society gain a realistic understanding of how an R&D-anchored drug reaches their…

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Mehta Analysis: What Do Facebook Libra And Democrats At Presidential Debates Have In Common?

12 July, 2019 Executive Summary Viren Mehta of Mehta Partners LLC mulls the potential of blockchain, the rapidly evolving IT resource that secures every step in a business action. Just as the summer equinox ushered in dreamy thoughts of our next holiday, two of the major industries that account for about a third of the global output faced more intense summer heat, which may not dissipate even as the seasons change. Facebook, with over two dozen of the planned 100…

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Mehta Analysis: Welcome to BioPharma 2.0

Executive Summary Viren Mehta of Mehta Partners LLC ponders what the approval of Novartis gene therapy Zolgensma foreshadows, in terms of future therapies and pricing. The flowers of this lazy, cool spring in the Northeast US are soothingly beautiful. So ironically are the headlines about the first $2m single-dose gene therapy breakthrough from Novartis AG. Zolgensma will cure and transform the lives of a couple of thousand young children suffering from a missing SMN1 gene that causes spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)…

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