Outlook of Diabetic Macular Edema – Current Landscape and the Way Forward

LONG-LASTING VEGF BLOCKERS, COMPOUNDS WITH VEGF- INDEPENDENT MECHANISM AND, TOPICAL AND ORAL TREATMENT OPTIONS, BRING THE QUEST FOR THE “IDEAL RETINAL DRUG” A STEP NEARER Multifactorial nature of DME led a definite role of steroids in the current treatment paradigm; development of new route of administration of steroids to enhance clinical efficacy with better safety underway The late stage pipeline comprises of long-lasting VEGF blockers and compounds with VEGF-independent mechanisms such asTie-2/Angiopoietin pathway modulators and integrin inhibitorsNon-invasive therapies, prophylactic alternatives…

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Mehta Analysis: Welcome to BioPharma 2.0

Executive Summary Viren Mehta of Mehta Partners LLC ponders what the approval of Novartis gene therapy Zolgensma foreshadows, in terms of future therapies and pricing. The flowers of this lazy, cool spring in the Northeast US are soothingly beautiful. So ironically are the headlines about the first $2m single-dose gene therapy breakthrough from Novartis AG. Zolgensma will cure and transform the lives of a couple of thousand young children suffering from a missing SMN1 gene that causes spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)…

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