BioSpectrum Article – Face-lifting biopharma industry image

Covid-19 pandemic gives an opportunity for the BioPharma industry to transform its image. Can the initiatives and learnings from Covid-19 be applied to other critical therapy areas?  Can the time and cost of development be significantly reduced such that the pharma companies can launch the products at affordable prices to ensure that every patient gets access to the medicines? Emerging markets are gaining more importance than ever, led by China, considering the scales of volumes they offer. With time and…

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Mehta Analysis: The Promise Of 2021

Executive Summary Next year promises a wide range of opportunities for biopharma, triggered by an all-in commitment by every company with something to combat – COVID-19. Between January and early April 2020, over 80 COVID-19-focused programs entered the clinic, seven of which are vaccines. Such advances would normally take 5-10 times longer. Here we focus on two exciting and complementary opportunities. The first is the chance to help society gain a realistic understanding of how an R&D-anchored drug reaches their…

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How AI is fighting COVID-19: the companies using intelligent tech to find new drugs

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in drug development has been hyped up for some time now – and the COVID-19 pandemic is finally a chance for these technologies to prove their worth. We highlight the companies that are using AI to develop treatments that could end the outbreak. Pharma is facing a race against time to tackle the exponential rise of COVID-19 cases, and as a result there has been an unprecedented level of data sharing and cooperation in…

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