Biospectrum: How Deep Tech is Powering India’s Biopharma Future

Advancements in cutting-edge innovative technologies and the increasing availability of data have enabled various domains of the biotech and pharma industries to leverage resourceful approaches in driving progress, maintaining competitive advantage and accomplishing the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes. Deep tech ventures, also referred to as hard tech as opposed to regular digital platforms, primarily focus on the fundamental core issues of a business. For India to become an ‘innovation hub’, with concerted transformative efforts of leaders and experts…

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BioSpectrum Article – Face-lifting biopharma industry image

Covid-19 pandemic gives an opportunity for the BioPharma industry to transform its image. Can the initiatives and learnings from Covid-19 be applied to other critical therapy areas?  Can the time and cost of development be significantly reduced such that the pharma companies can launch the products at affordable prices to ensure that every patient gets access to the medicines? Emerging markets are gaining more importance than ever, led by China, considering the scales of volumes they offer. With time and…

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