MP Group: Outlook on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Target and Biomarker Discovery-2022′

We are glad to present our outlook on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Target and Biomarker Discovery-2022’. The attached presentation outlines how AI can better elucidate disease biology and assist with building a robust hypothesis for target and biomarker identification. Most clinical trials fail because of poor safety and efficacy resultant from a lack of holistic disease understanding. The traditional approaches are usually unidimensional and fail to account for the complex nature of biology. While we are observing an explosion of healthcare data,…

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Biopharma Trend: 7 Tips for Growing a Successful ‘AI in Pharma’ Business: Key Growth Strategy Lessons

The ‘AI in Pharma’ start-up space has been rapidly exploding, with new companies being formed every month. The explosion has been fueled by slow yet steady adoption of such tools by the biopharma companies. However, it’s only a handful number of start-ups that are garnering all the attention while others are struggling to even get a single ‘paid’ project. Several start-ups are likely to die within 2 years, even when they had built great products/ services. A good idea or…

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Biopharma Insight Article: The AI Productivity Game in Pharma

The pharmaceutical business is one of the riskiest industries to venture into. Drug discovery is an artisanal process where a carefully designed drug takes about 10 years and approximately 2.5 billion dollars to be approved and launched into the market. The complexity of biological systems places the odds at a ridiculous failure rate of 90%. In recent years, the declining efficiency of the R&D efforts has put the pharma industry on its toes.  In the past decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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