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 The Future of the U.S. Biologics and Biosimilars Treatment Market for Psoriasis
Therapeutic Class Overviews (TC17112002)
Oct 13, 2017  |  Price : $ 4000 BUY NOW  |  US, Europe

The new report from MP Advisors titled “The Future of the U.S. Biologics and Biosimilars Treatment Market for Psoriasis” examines in detail the current treatment landscape and the outlook through 2021 of psoriasis treatment market facing the U.S. Biologics and the Biosimilars. The report offers strong strategic market insights and expert analyses supported by a robust market and epidemiology model. The report is authored by a seasoned Analyst with experience of over 15 years in Healthcare Strategy Consulting and Market Research.

Quick Psoriasis Market View

Psoriasis is a chronic auto-immune disease characterized by skin lesions. Psoriasis causes abnormal proliferation of skin cells that result in the formation of layers of raised inflamed skin covered by flaky silvery scales.  There are several clinical types of psoriasis that include (1) plaque psoriasis, (2) guttate psoriasis, (3) inverse psoriasis, (4) pustular psoriasis and (5) erythrodermic psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis represents 80% of the cases with the remaining 20% having a moderate or severe form of the disease.


Focus Areas


Psoriasis disease deep dive, in-depth epidemiology, treatment guidelines, and assessment tools

Revenue analyses by drug class and the leading brands

Current and forecast market sales of Biologics and Biosimilars

Leading Players Analyses, Company Strategy and Outlook

Detailed Late-stage pipeline intelligence and the projected peak sales contribution

Market & R&D Trends, Drivers, challenges and the opportunities facing the sector

Major Takeaways

The U.S. psoriasis treatment market for Biologics and Biosimilars was estimated at $6.6bn in 2016 is projected to almost double during the forecast period to reach $12.9bn in 2021 driven by safety and efficacy improvements of the new generation biologics.

The psoriasis treatment market is dominated by topical agents and photo therapy for the non-severe forms (mainly corticosteroids), but mild to severe forms are treated with systemic agents. The psoriasis treatment market is dominated by topical agents and photo therapy for the non-severe forms (mainly corticosteroids), but mild to severe forms are treated with systemic agents.

Driven by improved efficacy, the first group of anti TNF treatments led by Enbrel, Humira and Remicade made strong penetration into the psoriasis market.  However the emergence of the IL-17 inhibitor class driven by Novartis’ Cosentyx and Eli Lilly’s Talz have set a new benchmark for efficacy in moderate to severe psoriasis treatment with potential for safety improvement in comparison to the anti TNF drugs given their greater specificity in immune Suppression. MP Advisors expect the TNF class of drugs to lose share to the newer brands with improved clinical profiles in Psoriasis.

The market growth in psoriasis is driven by an upsurge in demand from new therapies in moderate to severe patient population which overshadows reduced pricing of branded TNF-α inhibitor and recent biosimilar launches. The psoriasis treatment market is facing increasing competitive pressure from a wave of biosimilar launches such as biosimilars of Janssen’s Remicade, and Amgen’s Enbrel with the impact of the headwinds expected to be more pronounced in the next few years.


Stelara has been an important growth driver of Janssen’s immunology franchise in recent years, with overall global sales doubling from $1.5bn in 2013 to more than $3.2bn in 2016. However Stelara has started to face steeper competition from the IL-17 drug class. A new head-to-head study report IL-17 products to demonstrate superior efficacy to Stelara for psoriasis.

The Future of the U.S. Biologics and Biosimilars Treatment Market for Psoriasis” from MP Advisor aims to answer the following questions:

·         Who are the top players dominating the psoriasis market currently and how do their current product portfolio look like

·         Who will be the leading players in 2021

·         How will the treatment landscape set to evolve

·         How is competitive dynamics playing out and what are the key milestones to watch out for

·         Which are the new targets, Mechanism of Action (MoA), and the emerging R&D trends

·         Which are the key pipeline assets and the disruptive late-stage products under development

·         How is the partnership and alliances space shaping up

·         Who will be the frontier companies and what are their winning strategies

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